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Jason Wells

Leaders are always pouring into others, but where does a leader turn when they encounter their own painful seasons or situations? It happens. The breakdown, the big mistake, the unexpected, the desert season. Whatever you call it – it’s just hard to make it through. Especially when you’re a leader.

And, after 25 years in leadership and ministry, like me, you’ve not only seen it but you’ve also experienced it. God has seasoned and humbled me since earning dual Master’s degrees in Counseling and Ministry from Cincinnati Christian University.

In 2016 I fell in love with coaching, established Courageous Heart Leadership and became a Certified Encounter Coach and Trainer with Meta-Formation. Now, I get to facilitate encounters with Jesus to bring about healing, perspective shift and transformation. It’s a primary purpose of my life.

Championing Christian leaders in challenging seasons is a lot like my passions of overlanding/off-roading and just about anything in the great outdoors. Going on unknown adventures, exploring, finding treasures, and conquering obstacles with leaders is rewarding. I’m familiar being in uncharted territory, leaving the well-trodden path behind and taking some time to understand the journey.

Thankfully, I am the husband of an amazing wife and father to three amazing boys who share my passion for the great outdoors. I could be your coach, but Jesus will always be your guide.

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