Great Relationships Director

Jill Williams

Why do we assume that we are just supposed to be great at relationships? We’re going along smoothly, and then when the conflict or challenges hit, we’re surprised. Relationships (no matter the type) can break down for all sorts of reasons, but they are worth investing in, protecting and worth fighting for.

I’ve been there, both professional and personally, watching God mend and make new broken relationships. He is a miracle worker when we allow Him to make new what was once broken. I’ve seen it, and I’ve experienced it!

In 2006 I began coaching marriages, alongside my husband, Jeff and together we co-authored the book, Marriage Coaching: Heart, Hope and Skills for a Great Relationship and 3 levels of Marriage Coaching Training curriculum. We even founded a non-profit relationship ministry, Great Relationships. But, after 10 years of training hundreds of leadership couples around the world our own relationship broke down.

It was during that season of brokenness, that I experienced transformation in my relationship with Jesus through the Questions for Jesus book by Tony Stoltzfus. I met Jesus in the pain and our relationship flourished because of the new types of questions that I began asking Jesus. That new way of relating with Jesus in those precious days healed my heart and has protected it for life.

Even deeper impact came when I attended my first Leadership Meta-Formation workshop in 2018. Right then, and there, I decided that I wanted to join Jeff (already a LM Certified Trainer) to use my skills to help lead, host and offer LM courses and workshops. There is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing people come alive when Jesus steps in. I wanted to be right there to watch it happen!

God had me encircled. So, it was a close reach when Jeff died unexpectedly in 2019. I had a protective fortress built to withstand the threat. There was nothing that I wanted more than remaining emotionally open as I accepted this new loss.

Which is why I am passionate about helping women live well amidst unresolved difficulty, grief or loss. Life can hit us hard, but the journey is still worth it!

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