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Certified MetaFormation Trainer

Don Albers

Do you ever find yourself wanting change and you cry, "God, What am I going to do with my life?” You want to be on a great adventure, you may even know what God is asking of you, but the journey is harder than you expected or hasn’t quite materialized the way you thought it would.

That's where I was 30 years ago when God answered my cry and called me into a deep season of change. He called me out of my comfort zone! He said, “Are you willing to go where I ask you to go, do what I ask you to do, when I ask you to do it?” Whoa… what a journey of discovery and growth I embarked on when I answered with a bold, “YES”. My great adventure began by starting a Youth for Christ Chapter. Going overseas, I joined Youth with A Mission as a Trainer in their School of Biblical Studies in England. I even became a Pastor. The way God formed me and the experiences I had were priceless. So much so that I am still answering with an enthusiastic, “YES” to God’s call today!

I fell in love with coaching and started a business as an organizational development coach in 2009. Now, I specialize in life and Encounter Coaching because it fits my values and empowers me to facilitate others as they go on their own journey of change and discovery. Helping others find their way is a great privilege. I have the best job in the world because I get to help others fit the pieces of their life together. It’s like my creative hobby of turning rusty old steel into works of art. God redeems and repurposes everything for good.

Do you feel dissatisfied but are unsure about your next step? Would you like to be on your own adventure? Let’s ask Jesus together about that.