Be Transformed...

And learn a powerful set of skills for transforming others.

  • Learn how deep desires determine behavior, and how meeting Jesus in your desires changes everything!

  • Discover the part the emotional brain plays in change

  • Develop the skills to coach others through deep transformation

Details and Description

Beginning with our amazing, multi-sensory Taste of Heaven experience, Transforming the Heart will let God touch your deepest desires in ways you never imagined, and; train you to bring that same transformation to others.

What You'll Learn
This three-and-a-half day experiential workshop covers:

  • How the heart works
  • The 16 human desires and how they drive our behavior
  • How beliefs and emotional memories guard our unmet desires, and how to deal with them
  • The Questions for Jesus approach of creating change through encounterthat is at the heart of the Encounter Coaching model
  • How Jesus can touch your deepest desires almost instantly--which changes everything
  • How to transfer your desires from people, things and outcomes in this world to Jesus
  • How to effectively coach the heart instead of merely outward behavior

What's Included
This intensive course includes everything listed below:

  • A highly-interactive, 3.5-day workshop experience that uses learning games, demos, hands-on practice and debriefing to create an incredible learning environment
  • Limited to 32 participants so you'll get lots of personal contact with your instructor and the LM Team
  • An amazing "Taste of Heaven" encounter using staging, lighting, live original music about heaven, powerful affirmations, and more starts your transformation
  • You'll join a cohort of four teammates and form deep, ongoing relationships in the workshop and beyond
  • Eight follow-up sessions (that you schedule with your team) that help you apply what you're learning
  • A printed and bound Workshop manual and follow-up guide
  • Opportunity to become a Certified Encounter Coach (requires additional certification fees).


Upcoming Transforming the Heart Workshops

$587 one time or 2 payments of $299

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