Revolutionize Your Relationships

Transform your relationships from the inside out.

  • Learn how to build a healthy culture of feedback that calls everyone up to be their best.

  • Understand the important roles vulnerability and authenticity play in leadership.

  • Engage new tools for how to do conflict well.

Details and Description

Relating from the Heart is about accelerating the transformation you experience through relationships. Here's how it works.

In areas like feedback, conflict or even affirmation, we tend to live out of our heads, missing the opportunities that come to us every day for transformation. For instance, maybe we get feedback that we talk too much, micromanage people, or try to control our outcomes. Engaging that feedback from the head means holding yourself back from doing those things. But engaging from the heart is getting in touch with what drives you to do them. When you meet God in the why (the beliefs and desires under the behavior), issues you've struggled with for years sometimes change almost automatically.

Relating from the Heart catalyzes that kind of change in several main areas:

  • Transparency: You'll learn to love being open and lead more authentically.
  • Affirmation: You'll learn a much more powerful way of validating others that touches them to the depths of their being.
  • Defusing Conflict: Learn a powerful way to head off conflict by speaking to the unmet desires that cause it. 
  • Challenging Forward: Replace confrontation (which is about what you did wrong in the past) with Positive Challenge (calling you to make a better future) and discover how to produce change through inspiration instead of punishment.
  • Building Feedback Cultures: Learn how to create a culture of feedback, transparency and honest communication where you live and lead.

In short, this course will revolutionize the way you relate and the way you lead every day.


Relating from the Heart is an interactive workshop with a unique Taste of Heaven encounter, structured team follow-up (8 weeks in person, incorporated online) to help you integrate what you are learning into everyday life, and a printed course manual. Combining scriptural principles with brain science, intercession with activation, and presented using an innovative mix of demonstration and debriefing, learning games, and hands-on practice, this workshop shows how to take relationships to a depth few regularly experience.

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