Course curriculum

    1. Course Overview

    2. View the Peer Coach Training Workbook (Course Manual)

    1. VIDEO: The Power of Peer Coaching

    2. VIDEO: Peer Coaching Demonstration

    3. VIDEO: Training Overview

    4. EXERCISE: Sign the Commitment Form (You Must Agree in order to Continue!)

    5. ACTION STEPS: Do before your next group session!

    6. Free Chapter from the Book, Leadership Coaching

    1. VIDEO: Your Most Important Leadership Decision

    2. POST: God's Agenda for Your Growth

    3. VIDEO: The Peer Coaching Relationship

    4. ACTION STEPS: Do Before Group Session 2

    5. Bonus Resources for Finding Your Calling

    1. POST: Share a Dream for Your Future

    2. VIDEO: How to Torpedo Your Peer Relationship

    3. POST: Listening and Asking Exercise

    4. ACTION STEPS: Do before group session 3

    5. Bonus: Free Decision Making Questions (excerpted from the book Coaching Questions)

    1. VIDEO: Cultivating Authenticity

    2. VIDEO: Telling Authentic Stories Demonstration

    3. POST: Catalyzing Authenticity Exercise

    4. ACTION STEPS: Do before group session 4

    5. Session 3: Additional Authenticity Resources

    1. VIDEO: Healthy Accountability

    2. VIDEO: Effective Accountability Questions

    3. VIDEO: What to Do When We Don't Measure Up

    4. POST: Asking Accountability Questions

    5. ACTION STEPS: Do before group session 5

    6. Bonus Resource

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