Description & Details

Each Mentor Coach Couse consists of 7, 90 minutes classes.  Classes take place over Zoom so you can join from anywhere.

Classes happen every 2 weeks so the 7 classes will take 14 weeks to complete.

For the first 6 sessions:

  • There will be a short 5 - 10 minute video summarizing the specific coaching skill we want to work on that week.  There will also be a demo video of the skill to watch.
  • During the live zoom call you will be placed into a group of no more than 4 students and 1 mentor coach.
  • For the first 30 minutes one person will coach and one person will be coached focusing on the specific skill of the week.  The other 2 participants as well as the mentor coach will observe using our feedback form.
  • Then for 15 minutes the observes and mentor coach will give feedback on the 30 minute coaching session.
  • This process will repeat a second time making up the 90 minutes session.
  • This entire process will repeat the following week with the 2 participants who have not yet coached.
  • The following week you will move on to a new skill and the process will repeat itself.

For the final mentor coaching session you will set up a 90 minute call with your mentor coach and a client of your choosing.  The first 45 minutes will consist of you coaching your client and the last 45 minutes will be getting specific feedback from your mentor coach.

Utilizing this approach you will get lots of coaching opportunities as well as a lot of great, constructive feedback to help you feel confident and competent in your Encounter Coaching skills.

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