See Jesus in Every Situation

Dig into your life and find the hand of God all over it, then show you how to lead others into meeting God in every circumstance.

  • Understand where God was and what he was up to in life's most painful events.

  • Bring the perspective of heaven to every circumstance.

  • Learn how God develops leaders and how to engage what he's doing in each season of life.

Meet God In Your Story

Living from the Heart is an amazing experience of meeting God in your life story and finding he has been involved in your life in ways you never dreamed. This intensive course includes everything listed under the "What's Included".

This course is limited to 32 participants (24 online) to allow for a high level of interaction and instructor contact.

Living from the Heart is required for LM Encounter Coaching certification.

Details and Description

Living from the Heart is about meeting God in every situation you've experienced, from the earth-shaking to the every day. Applying MetaFormation principles to your life story infuses it with purpose, helping you understand how God is leveraging everything that happens to you to move you toward your destiny.

In Living from the Heart you will:

- See your life story rewritten from the perspective of eternity in our signature Taste of Heaven experience

- Get to know the God who causes every experience to work for good

- Learn the Calling Journey model and create a calling timeline to help you understand and interpret your own journey

- Get amazing insights into how heaven works, and how it transforms suffering into glory

- Master the Seven Frames, a set of reframing tools for bringing heaven's perspective into any situation

We'll dig into your life and find the hand of God all over it, then show you how to lead others into meeting God in every circumstance. In the process, you'll learn powerful transformational coaching techniques that bring God's perspective to difficult situations. Presented using an innovative mix of demonstration and debriefing, learning games, and hands-on practice, this workshop shows how to engage God in a way that makes all things work together for good.

What's Included:

The workshop uses the arts, music, brain science, learning games, peer relationship, God encounter, and more to explore the Jesus-model of transformation. The event includes peer team meetings (8 weeks following in person, incorporated online) that help you implement Living from the Heart in your sphere of influence. You'll also receive the 100-page course manual.

Upcoming Living From the Heart Workshops

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