What's Different About Encounter Coaching?

It's a whole different way to change--from the inside-out.

  • Heart vs Behavior

    Jesus taught that outward behavior comes from what's inside us. So Encounter Coaching focuses on the heart of the matter: the unmet desires (for love, security, significance, etc.) that drive our behavior, and the beliefs that guard those desires.

  • Emotional vs Rational Brain

    The goals-and-actions methodology of mainstream coaching works--IF you're dealing with rational brain problems. But what gets us really stuck (our fears and foibles, wrong beliefs, or defense mechanisms) happens in our emotional brains. That's where Encounter Coaching shines!

  • Encounter vs Self-Discipline

    Using self-discipline to keep the lid on what's in your heart is a losing battle. So Encounter coaching deploys a powerful set of tools to create experiential encounters with Jesus--right in your coaching sessions--to produce transformational change.

Details & Description

Do you feel…

  • Busy, but not sure you’re very effective?
  • Frustrated, wishing for more evidence of transformation in yourself and those you lead?
  • Alone, wishing you had peers to process life with?
  • Dry, hoping that God would touch you in a more profound way?

If you’re yearning for more than what sitting in another meeting can give, the MetaFormation Encounter! training program is for you.  It touches your heart, not your head, by giving you profound experiences with God in the company of a close-knit group of fellow travelers. It takes you deep, by unraveling how your heart actually works and demonstrating how you can change through filled desire instead of willpower and discipline. And it gives you the Encounter Coaching skills to lead others on the same life-altering journey to the heart.

 This one-year virtual program will give you:

  • A radical new fluidity and depth in your conversations with Jesus
  • Encounter after God-encounter that touches your deepest desires for love, significance, belonging and more.
  • Transformational tools for reshaping identity, memories, wounds, and beliefs.
  • Reframing techniques to rewrite the most painful stories in life through the eyes of heaven.
  • Tools for catalyzing authenticity, building cultures of feedback and navigating conflict from the heart.
  • Powerful Encounter Coaching skills for transforming others through encounters with God.

This highly-interactive one-year program is limited to 24 participants to keep it relational, and will take you through all four of the Meta Formation Encounter! courses

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($2200 one time or $270 / mth for 9 months)

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