What's Different About Encounter Coaching?

It's a whole different way to change--from the inside-out.

  • Heart vs Behavior

    Jesus taught that outward behavior comes from what's inside us. So Encounter Coaching focuses on the heart of the matter: the unmet desires (for love, security, significance, etc.) that drive our behavior, and the beliefs that guard those desires.

  • Emotional vs Rational Brain

    The goals-and-actions methodology of mainstream coaching works--IF you're dealing with rational brain problems. But what gets us really stuck (our fears and foibles, wrong beliefs, or defense mechanisms) happens in our emotional brains. That's where Encounter Coaching shines!

  • Encounter vs Self-Discipline

    Using self-discipline to keep the lid on what's in your heart is a losing battle. So Encounter coaching deploys a powerful set of tools to create experiential encounters with Jesus--right in your coaching sessions--to produce transformational change.

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