What's Different About Encounter Coaching?

It's a whole different way to change--from the inside-out.

  • Heart vs Behavior

    Jesus taught that outward behavior comes from what's inside us. So Encounter Coaching focuses on the heart of the matter: the unmet desires (for love, security, significance, etc.) that drive our behavior, and the beliefs that guard those desires.

  • Emotional vs Rational Brain

    The goals-and-actions methodology of mainstream coaching works--IF you're dealing with rational brain problems. But what gets us really stuck (our fears and foibles, wrong beliefs, or defense mechanisms) happens in our emotional brains. That's where Encounter Coaching shines!

  • Encounter vs Self-Discipline

    Using self-discipline to keep the lid on what's in your heart is a losing battle. So Encounter coaching deploys a powerful set of tools to create experiential encounters with Jesus--right in your coaching sessions--to produce transformational change.

Already Certified?

Add Encounter Coaching to your coaching toolkit

Here's a great option if you are already a certified coach but want to add Encounter Coaching tools to your existing skillset. Our Continuing Ed Certification lets you skip the stuff you already know and focus on just the Encounter method.

At over $1000 less than the cost of the full certification, you'll get:

  • The Transforming the Heart and Living from the Heart courses (48 instructor hours in two workshops)
  • 16 weeks of peer practice sessions
  • 21 hours of Mentor Coaching

Get More!

How the MetaFormation program compares to others

If you don't already have a coaching certification, MetaFormation Encounter Coach training gives you more: more hours with certified trainers, more mentor coaching, more peer practice sessions... Our full certification program costs less than most others while offering much more:

  • 10 full days of in-person training in three amazing workshops
  • Our exclusive Taste of Heaven encounters
  • Over 30 hours of group mentor coaching sessions
  • 24 weekly, structured peer practice sessions
  • 10 locations around the world where you can get trained--and more on the way!
  • Weekly online workshop options if you can't travel to a location in person
  • Three paperback, 80-page course manuals
  • A total of 107 live instructor contact hours (many competing programs offer half of that, or even less!)
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"A breakthrough I've been looking for for 10 years"

A workshop participant's personal experience


Learn how the Encounter Coaching CE Certification program works

If you are already a coach and want to add Encounter Coaching to your toolkit, you can take our Continuing Education certification. You get credit for the basic coaching skills you already have, and don't have to repeat them. Continuing Ed participants complete the following:

Do I Qualify for the Continuing Ed Version?

This option is for people who are already certified coaches. To qualify to choose the Continuing Ed version of the Encounter Coaching Certification, you must have:

  1. Completed a Coaching Certification program from another recognized coach training school and received a Coaching Certification. Any school which meets the ICF or CCNI requirements qualifies, as do others that have similar requirements for instructor contact hours.
  2. Completed at least 80 coaching experience hours (usually required by reputable certification programs).

What DOESN'T Qualify

Training which does NOT qualify under these standards includes:

  • Counseling, consulting or therapy credentials.
  • A postgraduate degree in a related field.
  • Coach training events or classes that do not result in an official certification.
  • A certification program you began but did not complete.
  • Training not conducted by an actual coach training school that offers certification.
  • "You've been coaching all your life."
  • Certification programs that don't roughly meet industry standards--for instance, self-study courses with no instructor contact or live component, 2-day workshops that give you a certification (you can't learn this in two days!), etc.
  • The instructor is not a “Certified Coach” - usually in university settings or instructor is a friend

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